Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Indian Developmental Paradox

Frnd, my India is growing..Crossing all horizons...

Growing Deaths by poverty...(all over India)

Growing Farmer Suicides..(Vidarbha)

Growing Farm land acqisitions...(Singur)

Growing queue of helpless land oustees.. (Narmada)
(Some are given deserts where they cant feed themselves or their cattle...for
the proclaimed development..!!!!!
Many are not given that deserts too...!!)

Growing demolishion of slums of the unfortunate Indians..(New Delhi)
(Poor are not even allowed to beg..!!!!!)

Growing intolerances in name of GOD.. (Gujarat)
(They are trying to save their own gods..rather than gods saving them..)

Growing number of caste atrocities..(Khairlanji massacre)
(Some hindus are even not allowed to enter temples even now...!!
Socialistic face of GOD...???)

Growing percentage of millions below poverty line..
(Fastest growth in India..!)

Whom I shld thank for this growth.?

The sweating Richshaw puller near New Delhi Railway Station arguing with a business
tycoon for one rupee..
Or the farmer who decided to suicide...

Or the mine worker suffocated inside coal mine...
Or the black dalit who was not allowed to enter temple..

Or the slumdeller beaten by the guardians of law for begging for his stomach…..
Or the lean mother who sold herself for feeding bread to her child…

Or the thirsty beings longing for water near Coca-Cola factories….
I know my list is incomplete...
It is for u to fill or delete it....

NB : A gun at this moment in my hand..would have made me to suicide myself…
Becasuse I am highly worthless…my hands are incapable to resist this growth…