Thursday, July 14, 2005


My life woven in the net
Of that big spider with red eyes
Whom you may call as the "Messiah"
Of this small insect...Me..

Alone in the net my wings are tied..
And I forgot that I can fly..
I saw the life from the net
Of that beautiful butterflies
And I forgot that I can fly..

One day he will come
Along withg a rope and buffallo..
My "Messiah" ..the spider with red eyes..
And take me into him..

And I will go to the unknown..
Where millions of millions already went..
That hell in the spider's stomach..
Into the fire of hunger....

Monday, July 11, 2005

My life..

My frnd....Some times i think my life is a big story..a story overflowing through words..paras..chapters ..and even books..
When i somehow get some free time and start to write..with that old pen which i am carrying from my eigth standard..Only then i came to know that my mind is empty of words...i can't even write a single letter abt me.....
At last...i managed to draw some lines thru that paper..the lines which completed itself to form a circle..A BIG ZERO..that is my life..the sole meaning of my life................